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kinect sports dlc download Kinect Sports demo available for Xbox Live Gold members

If you didn’t buy Kinect Sports yet and you are an Xbox Live Gold member, then you can get the free demo of Kinect Sports from Xbox Live Marketplace. And yes, you should definitely play it on Christmas with your family! It’s lots of fun.

If you already tried it and liked it, then purchase the game from your local web store right now!

Source: Joystiq.

Merry Christmas from the 123Kinect team!

merry christmas Merry Christmas from the 123Kinect team!

2010 was the first year of Kinect, and with that the year of 123Kinect’s inception as well. What started as a small and simple Kinect blog on the web, has become a leading one at the end of its first year; thanks to you all. Next year we’ll have loads of updates in store for you, but we’ll get to that when the time is right.

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Game Party: In Motion Achievements

game party in motion achievements Game Party: In Motion Achievements

Game Party: In Motion is a game which official description reads: “Get off the couch and get ready for the party as Game Party: In Motion turns your living room in to the ultimate fun-filled arcade. Jump right in to the action as you use the motion of your entire body to play 16 exciting games.” And it seems a customer (the ‘Z’) on our forum seems to agree in his Game Party in Motion review.

7/10 – It’s by all means not perfect, however it can be fun.

- The Zeeman, Kinect Forums

The fact that the game is only $40 helps… either way, be sure to checkout the latest pricing and availability of this game. And screenshots that have been released earlier. If you’re into achievements, then you may also appreciate the just released Game Party in Motion achievements list (found below)!

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P1030012 600x150 MS: 2011s Kinect Games will blow people away!

So, 2011 will be all about his guy and its games. Pretty sweet!

2011 will be Kinect‘s year, or at least that’s how Microsoft sees it. The company that nurtured Xbox Kinect Sensor to Christmas madness has claimed that 2011 will “ultimately be all about Kinect” – as the device allows for a “brilliant” line-up on the Xbox 360 for 2011. MS’s director of Xbox and Entertainment for Microsoft UK, Stephen McGill, was asked what the secret to Xbox’s success so far had been in Xbox World 360.

Be sure to read on to hear his vision.

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