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DefJamRapstar Def Jam Rapstar update unleashes Kinect Sensor Support

Def Jam Rapstar gets its Kinect Support through an update that was released by Konami earlier today. Def Jam Rapstar is best summed up as a hip-hop karaoke game. The player takes the mic and does their best to keep up with some of the most famous and important rappers of all time by hitting as many words as they can correctly throughout each hip hop song.

50 cent, 2pac, Run DMC, the Wu Tang Clan and many other are included in this game. What Kinect adds to the mix? Read on!

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kinect accuracy1 Xbox Kinect accuracy rumors refuted by Microsoft

Kinect Accuracy update refuted by Microsoft!

A couple of days ago we wrote a news item for you on Microsoft quadrupling Xbox Kinect’s accuracy (from a resolution of 320×240 pixels to 640×480 pixels) in a software update that was soon to come. This update would allow developers to see and detect hand rotation and finger movement with the usual play distance. This update would even allow for a different types of Kinect games.

Microsoft has just responded to the rumors…

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Kinect can teach American Sign Language

Kinect Sign Language possible Kinect can teach American Sign Language

Researchers from Georgia Tech College of Computing coupled Kinect with custom software developed for improving memory skills of deaf children by teaching them sentence construction in American Sign Language. The software used to require colored gloves with wrist mounted 3- axis accelrometers and a single camera. Kinect not only eliminated the need for using all these but it also proved to be very accurate during tests!

Interestingly, back in August, we already reported that Microsoft said that

sign language is very much within the realm of possibility there’s no technological reason why sign language would not work.

Well, here we go I guess! See a video below showing some of this off.

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divine soul xbox kinect game Kinect Game for PC confirmed: Divine Souls MMORPG

Divine Soul will be a PC game with Kinect Support

The PC-based ‘Divine Souls‘ surpasses the simple action of MMORPG and demonstrates a sense of console games much similar to ‘Tekken’. In particular, the game’s support of gaming pads make it resemble console games even more as its support of Kinect. Describing Divine Souls, the firm writes:

the game’s support of gaming pads make it resemble console games even more, and is scheduled to support Kinect, a new control system of Xbox360.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach GamePrix for comment on this.Whether this news is true for Divine Souls or not, it would be highly unlikely that Microsoft will not be porting Kinect to the PC (besides the Open Source initiatives). See trailer and more info below.

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