As you know by now, BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect in pretty cool ways, but the game does not require Kinect. Speaking to OXM on the E3 show floor, company CEO Dr Ray Muzyka insisted that vanilla controller players would have an “awesome” experience.

Controller AND Kinect

“Both experiences have to be awesome. There are going to be players on Xbox 360 who have a Kinect and those who don’t. I’d love it if they have a chance to try it, but by no means are we assuming that they have it. This is a worldwide blockbuster and there are going to be millions of people playing it. We want to make an awesome experience for all of them.”

This is a great vision for gamers by BioWare, but people say you can’t please everyone, so let’s hope that BioWare is able to pull it off. Ah well, it’s BioWare, they’ll probably do fine E3 2011: BioWare talks Kinect vs controllers in Mass Effect 3 e3 2011 . What’s your view on BioWare’s comments, do you think controller and/or the Kinect experience will suffer due to them wanting to please everyone at the same time?

Source: OXMUK