Fable: The Journey is a fact! And even better news is that is has Kinect support! We had a good look at the game during the Microsoft Pre-E3 Media Briefing and here are all the details about this upcoming game!

Fable: The Journey Kinect

So this is pretty massive news: The next Fable is not only Kinect compatible, the whole game is playing with Kinect, no controller needed! Even better news? You can play the game while sitting down!

In the video (see below) we see some pretty heavy use of the Kinect sensor and gestures. It looks like every spell has a very specific set of gestures you have to perform in order to cast a spell and you can target enemies as well by using your hands.


It however looks like this is an on-rails game, so there is no movement, and thus no real exploration. This is a massive deviation from the original Fable concept so it has to be seen if this will appeal to the classic Fable fans. However the fact that Kinect is so heavily used is a good sign and I’m looking forward to this.

Fable: The Journey Trailer