When EA Sports announced that there will be four titles to support Kinect in 2012 and he mentioned FIFA, he was not referring to FIFA 12. Why? First of all, FIFA 12 is planned to be released this year. Second, EA didn’t start integrating Kinect in FIFA just yet and doing that takes time.

No Kinect support before FIFA 13

Andrew Wilson, EA Sports’ senior vice president of worldwide development, talked to Eurogamer this week at E3 and the confusion that Kinect integration might be available on FIFA 12 has been clarified:

We’re going to work through the next year as we get to the following year – it’s not for FIFA 12, it’s for FIFA 13 – and ask, what’s the right experience for Kinect? How does Kinect add value to you as a gamer who plays FIFA across platforms?

This [Kinect] is going to play a part in who you are in FIFA. To the level that that actually ends up integrated? We don’t know yet. But we’ve got some pre-production ideas we think are kinda cool.

The fact that at this moment EA doesn’t know the Kinect features the game will have and they’re looking at “kinda cool” ideas, doesn’t go very well with what Andrews says further.

What we’ve learnt over the years is building anything on a platform just for the sake of it doesn’t make any sense. So the question is, how can that platform add value?

Requires Kinect or Better with Kinect?

Unfortunately, Andrew did not want to provide information on whether Kinect will be integrated in the traditional FIFA version or whether there will be an exclusive Kinect version.

I sure hope they will figure out the role Kinect will play in FIFA 13, because at this moment it looks to me like EA just tried to impress the public at E3.

Source: Eurogamer