Yoostar has announced a new title: Yoostar on MTV which will be showed for the first time to the public today at E3.

Yoostar on MTV for Kinect

Yoostar on MTV is built around the same idea as Yoostar 2: In the movies just that it transports the player into memorable MTV shows and events instead of movie scenes. The new title will also fully support the  Xbox360 4GB console.

MTV has always been on the cutting-edge of pop culture, constantly defining the passions of today’s youth. With our newly upgraded Virtual Green Screen technology, VGS 2.0, players can seamlessly insert themselves into some of the best and most beloved MTV programming and franchises ever.

– Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Content Officer, Yoostar Entertainment Group

We are truly excited to partner with Yoostar to provide fans with a fully interactive way to experience some of their favorite MTV shows of all time.This venture with Yoostar allows us to expand and deliver MTV content in a new manner, deepening our audience engagement through a fun video game and social performance network that allows players to relive their favorite moments from MTV shows and put themselves right in the middle of the action.

– Alex Ferrari, COO, MTV Music Group and LOGO

Players can act out scenes from MTV’s vast catalog of original programming or music videos including Jersey Shore for example.

Yoostar got technology upgrade

Also at E3, Yoostar will showcase its new technology upgrade VGS 2.0 (Virtual Green Screen) which improves the image quality and delivers much better virtual green screen performance.


Source: IGN