Two Kinect games have been announced today by 2K Play: Let’s Cheer! and Nickelodeon Dance. While Nickelodeon Dance will be available both on Wii and Kinect, Let’s Cheer! is a title exclusively available on Kinect.

Let’s Cheer! with Kinect

Are you a cheerleader or would you like to be one? 2K Play gives you the opportunity to do so right in your living room with actual cheerleading routines choreographed by professional cheerleaders. Plus,

Let’s Cheer! encompasses the enticing elements of the sport—entertainment, rivalry, fitness, precise moves, jumps and impressive routines.

Steve Lux, vice president of business development for 2K Play, talks about the game:

Let’s Cheer! on Kinect for Xbox 360 brings the spectacular sport of cheerleading into the interactive world like never before. The unique combination of controller-free movement and voice recognition results in a game experience that not only rewards athleticism and spirit, but provides feedback that can help improve real-world cheer skills.

Do you think you are ready to cheer with Kinect? Then check out the game’s features.

Let’s Cheer! features

Let’s Cheer! includes lots of features

  • voice recognition
  • multiple levels of difficulty (from basic moves to advanced combinations)
  • multi-player mode
  • earn spirit starts
  • unlock routines
  • test flexibility

Let’s Cheer! will be available during the 2011 holiday season.  If you consider getting this game and you have downstairs neighbors, then you might want to purchase in advance the Perfect Range Game Mat for Xbox Kinect as it will help reduce the noise.

Source: Take-Two Interactive