Destructoid reports that Twisted Pixel’s Kinect-only title The Gunstringer will now be sold as a full retail title this fall, instead of being the Xbox Live Arcade title it was set out to be. Luckily, with that extra time and space, the developer says it will be working to polish the game, while adding some new content to flesh out the experience.

Puppet Mastery!

Luckily, playing with The Gunstringer as the Puppet Master was still an enjoyable experience according to D’toid:

The side-scrolling section I played had a Donkey Kong vibe, with The Gungstringer moving up a series of wooden ramps, as barrels rolled down in his direction. To dodge them, it was simply a matter of quickly lifting your left hand to make the puppet jump. In another, I ran towards the screen (“on rails”), and I moved the puppet left and right to dodge spiked vines and rocks. Behind me the whole time were rolling logs nipping at my feet; there were a few instances where I had to hop obstacles, as well, again by lifting my hand to jump.

Besides controlling the puppet as a puppet master, the Gunstringer is also able to pummel a foe’s face with his fists! Furthermore, Twisted Pixel’s trademark sense of humor shines through in a game where one enemy known as The Gatorjack has been conceived by a lumberjack having had sex with an alligator.

Weird? Sure! Funny? Sure! Twisted Pixel? You bet ya!

The Gunstringer Screens

I really like the idea of having a puppet that you can control using both your hands, but in my view the graphics of this game do not justify a retail release. What’s your view on that?