Haunt was announced last year at TGS and we haven’t heard much since then. Luckily, at this year’s TGS a Destructoid member had the opportunity to try out the game and his impression was relatively good. Why relatively good? The game was marketed as a horror game but now it appears to be more cute than scary. As Destructoid said: “this game is closer to a virtual fun house than anything”. Probably the cartoony characters don’t help either.

The good

So, how is the game? It’s a typical Kinect game in which you need to run in place in order to move and you’ll need to point a flashlight in the direction you want to go. Also, you’ll be doing a lot of punching to get rid of the ghosts that try to block your progress.

Haunt is a cute title that starts out on rails, with the player holding a virtual flashlight to shine in the face of ghosts and skeletons that pop out at you. It’s a high-res funhouse. This being a Kinect title, you can bet there’s plenty of ducking under things that pop out, or jumping over things that block your progress.

The not so good

Now, there are a few things about this game that are not so great. According to Destructoid:

Movement is a bit clunky and slow, and you look like an idiot marching in place, but it works.[…] Detection of these movements [punching, moving arms] was painfully slow, and not always accurate, though the busy TGS show floor could have been part of the cause.

On top of this preview, a short gameplay video is now available. The quality is quite poor but it helps with getting an idea about this game. Also, a couple of new screenshots are out. Check them out!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when this game will be released. Because it is already being showed off and has been recently rated by the Australian Classification Board, I’m expecting that it will be out towards the end of this year.

What do you think? Are you disappointed by this preview or now you are event more excited about this game?




Source: Destructoid, Via: 123Kinect.com forum