What is Kinect Disneyland Adventures?

Kinect Disneyland Adventures lets you experience the magic of visiting a Disneyland world, right from your own home. At least, that is what Microsoft has to say about it. And judging from the video, it actually looks like that. The people from Disney Interactive actually digitally re-created the entire Disneyland park, and you can walk through it and even create your own souvenirs!

The game

Fortunately it’s not all just hanging around in the park, there are also games to be played. Games that have a striking resemblance to the ones we playing in Kinect Adventures. You might actually say that this is a direct sequel to Kinect Adventures, just set in a completely different setting.

So what are the games? Well, from what we have seen there is a Peter Pan game, where you use Kinect to fly around Peter Pan setting and collect stuff. The game actually looks very good with its cartoony style and the gameplay looks like a lot of fun (even to a non-child like me!).

Another game we’ve seen is like the Kinect Adventures bumper bash in which you will have to swing your arms like mad to go forward and jump to avoid obstacles. Looks fun and looks like a great workout.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Gameplay video

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Screenshots

Although this seems like a very ‘kiddie’ game, I’m actually looking very much forward to this. It looks great and seems like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!