We spotted a new, yet unannounced THQ Kinect only game: The Deepak Chopra Project. The game seems to be a tool to get people through there stressful live and help them take a journey through their mind and body! Sounds weird? Yes! Sounds interesting? Yes! Read on for more details!

The Deepak Chopra Project

So what can this game do to you? Well according to THQ:

With The Deepak Chopra Project, in as little as two minutes, users of any skill level can play to help bring focus, energy and balance to their lives.

The game will be heavily focused on mediation, and through the use of visuals and sound will try to help you get to that elusive “flow-state”.

Deepak Chopra Project’s features

Groundbreaking. It uniquely combines physical activity and meditation to create a fully immersive experience using game consoles.

Controller-free. The Deepak Chopra Project TM for Kinect allows players to utilize full-body gestures to relax the entire body.

Chakra-based meditation. Through seven meditations, users can focus their attention on specific parts of their bodies to relax and develop a “flow state.”

Stillness in motion. In the “Stillness Meditation” tradition, the Kinect measures players’ breathing and provides gentle feedback, encouragement and guidance

Connected. On Kinect, users can create a personal mandala (representation of the unconscious self and focal point for meditation) and share it on Facebook.


Personal. The Deepak Chopra Project TM utilizes the player’s own abilities to help cultivate a healthier, harmonious and more balanced life.

Deepak Chopra Project Screenshots

Check below for some screenshot of the game!

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