The E3 event was a great opportunity for some of the people who worked on Kinect games to provide more insight into the features of the game and explain how things work.

We’ve gathered four interviews for you. Check them all out!

Kinect Sports: Season 2 Interview

Scott Henson, Rare’s Studio Head, introduces the six new games featured in Season 2 and discusses about the gestures and voice recognition, focusing on in-game voice commands.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Interview

The interview is given by Rob Davis who is talking about the games features, explains how the player can get his character to move around and more.

Kinect Fun Labs Interview

GameReactor had the opportunity to discuss with Shannon Loftis from Good Science Studio about Kinect Fun Labs. Among others, she mentions that the menu is also voice activated and that currently, they are working with several external companies to develop gadgets for Kinect Fun Labs.

UFC Personal Trainer interview

The interview on UFC Personal Trainer is with Nick Robertson, UFC assistant producer, and he talks about how he incorporates UFC Personal Trainer as part of his exercise schedule, his favorite trainer and more!

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