The news was confirmed by Cindy Walker, marketing manager at Xbox via a tweet: “Check out the Xbox briefing on Monday broadcast live on @spiketv. @Gearsofwar3, @lionheadstudios news and so much more! #E3.

Yesterday, several domain names registered by Microsoft including Fable: The Journey. As the last Fable was suppose to bebetter with Kinect‘ as they did not have the time to implement it well, it could be that if Lionhead releases the next Fable game, that it now will be ‘better with Kinect’. Besides, if it’s not fable, then it could be that other Kinect game Lionhead has been rumored to be working on.

Whether or not this is really Kinect related remains to be seen, but we thought we’d bring the news to you anyways! Watch the Microsoft’s E3 press conference with us live later today.


Source: @licin3 Via: VG247