Microsoft‘s E3 conference is over and as great as it was you’re probably hungry for more? Well don’t worry because apart from other companies’ conferences, like EA and Ubisoft, Microsoft have got more E3 events throughout the week where even more games will no doubt be revealed! 123Kinect will be making sure you get every bit of Kinect news on these events.

Gears of War Event

The Gears Of War event is tomorrow (don’t give up hope for Gears Of War: Exile or Kinect features in Gears Of War 3 as they might be revealed at that event, especially since they’re supposed to be making a big announcement and I doubt that’s just Ice-T doing a song for the game, lol!) and there’s also another Microsoft event tomorrow called “From The Floor” which is from the Microsoft booth and will feature game developers including Peter Molyneux.

Forza 4 Event

The Forza 4 event is on Wednesday where they’ll no doubt show off more of Kinect as well as the game itself in general.

Best of E3

Finally, on Thursday is Microsoft’s last E3 event called the “Best Of E3” where they say their team will “put together the biggest announcements and all the must see footage” from E3, so there could be some new announcements then as well as the game montages which were strangely absent from the main conference.