Yet another Kinect game for children, this time coming from 2K Play! The new game has been announced today in a press release and will be available this holiday season.

Nickelodeon Dance for Xbox Kinect

According to the press release:

[Nickelodeon Dance] It’s the first children’s dance game to feature characters and music from the popular preschool programs Dorathe Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, The Backyardigans and The Fresh Beat Band.

So it’s not only a Kinect game for children, but it’s a dancing one too with dance routines developed by a recognized children’s dance choreographer. The game is designed to encourage active play and children get to do that with their favorite Nickelodeon friends.

In the press release, Shaan Kandawalla, Vice President of Digital Retail Games for Nickelodeon, talks about the Nickelodeon Dance:

Our young Nick fans will be able to join their favorite characters on exciting new adventures with these video games that encourage active play and the development of important social skills and cognitive learning.

As the game will be released during the holiday season, it becomes the perfect Christmas present for the kids. However, with Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster coming out soon, which one will you go for?

Source: Take-Two Interactive