The trailer for Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 looks pretty good but doesn’t give a lot of information on the game content. However, now we have the game features to make things clearer!

It appears that the game has been entirely revised and now Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 is more user-friendly and includes over 90 hours of improved and new content. The game has also lots of activities that you can choose from, but possibly the most important feature is that if you’re doing an exercise wrong the trainer will tell you how to do it right, not only that it’s wrong!

Check out the announced key features and their description:

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 – Key Features

· Where Fitness And Magic Meet – Your Shape will take players into a stimulating world showcasing an array of visual effects and an environment that will transform just as their workouts evolve in the game. The improved extraction technology will also be back allowing players to see themselves in the Your Shape universe and keep a close eye on their performances.

· A World of Fitness In Your Livingroom – Your Shape contains activities for everyone and anyone. Players will be able to follow new workout routines, choose from a broad selection of classes available, or play fun games like jump rope. A new and unique feature called Run the World will also allow them to virtually run through the streets of New York, Paris or London and enjoy the sights.

· Best-in-Class Tracking Now With New Floor Moves – With a better feedback system, players can now know what they are doing wrong but also what to do to improve their performance. Due to technological advancements, we are now able to track floor movements, allowing us to expand the list of available activities by including push-ups, sit ups, etc.

· Monitor Your Progress And Challenge Your Friends –Players can visit the Your Shape Center to monitor their progress, challenge their friends and see how they rank against players from across the world using the global leaderboards. They can also share their achievements on Facebook or keep in shape using tools available via the mobile applications. With hundreds of millions of calories already burned, our goal is for the community to burn 1 billion calories collectively by the end of 2012.


Source: haven4gamerz