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research exercise games Study started to measure effectiveness of exercise games

Does this really work?

The 123Kinect community is already very active with using Kinect for weight loss. We even created a dedicated forum for our community to share their stories in. It’s save to say that losing weight with gaming is increasing in popularity, but the question remains how effective it is. Now some people are trying to figure out if exercise games really work. Find out more after the jump.

Or, if you just want to read up on the the best weight loss games then we’ve got an item on that as well.

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SSX Kinect might be in development

ssx kinect SSX Kinect might be in development

Is there an SSX title for Kinect in development?

Microsoft recently registered a domain names that suggest that a brand new Kinect game is in development. The domain name in question is and thus implies an SSX game is actually in development for Kinect! More info after the jump.

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SimplyCube and Kinect, a great combination

simplycube kinect SimplyCube and Kinect, a great combination

Control your 3D application with Kinect

SimplyCube is a complete software solution for creating real time 3D applications. Now imagine that you can use Kinect to control the 3D application you’ve created with SimplyCube! Well, the folks from SimplySim have a video where they show you how this works.

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Hack shows how accurate Kinect really is

Accurate Kinect hack Hack shows how accurate Kinect really is

Expensive motion capture suits might be a thing of the past

We’ve seen some pretty cool Kinect hacks in the past, but never have I seen a hack that is so accurate with translating movements. This hack is a great prove of concept and an excellent example of what Kinect really is capable of. More info after the fold.

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