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Archive for January 8th, 2011

Yoostar 2 is ‘the next Guitar Hero’

yoostar 2 kinect game Yoostar 2 is ‘the next Guitar Hero’

Former Red Octane and Activision exec Dave Noble believes that the innovative movie karaoke camera-based game Yoostar 2 has the potential to match the success of Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise. Now, Noble works for Yoostar, publisher of the upcoming Yoostar 2 and said the following on the upcoming Kinect game.

Spiritually this is the next Guitar Hero. Both games feature a similar emphasis on their social elements.

Please find the latest trailer showing some of YooStar 2‘s abilities after the break.

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your shape dlc Your Shape has new Bollywood & New Years DLC

Ubisoft’s released all new DLC for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved! DLC means ‘Downloadable content’: small packages of software that you can download (for a fee, or free) that add extra features to a game. For Your Shape, two new fitness programs are added via DLC. New Year, New You is a specific program that will help users following the Christmas and New Year’s break (as highlighted in our article on weight loss for Kinect). Then There’s another one called Dance Workout: Bollywood, this is a program inspired by Bollywood movies. Videos after the break.

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MICROSOFT 3 Kinects success is great but Microsoft will not abandon core

Microsoft will not abandon core gamers

At the CES event IGN had the chance to talk to David Dennis from Microsoft. According to Dennis, Microsoft will not abandon the core audience of Xbox 360, even though Kinect has sold so well since its launch.

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