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Archive for January 9th, 2011

Kinect will get official Windows support!

winKinect Kinect will get official Windows support!

Kinect on Windows will be officially support by Microsoft!

CES 2011 keeps bringing us new information about Kinect! We’ve not only found out what Avatar Kinect is and the actual number of Kinect units sold, but, according to CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, the company will offically support Kinect on Windows!

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forza kinect Scoop: Forza 3 with Kinect support spotted

Forza 3 will have Kinect support!

Forza, being one of the top selling games on xbox, has been rumored to get Kinect support. Noone was sure what would happen to Forza and its Kinect support, but we have been tipped about some interesting information regarding this racing game! Read on to find out more about Forza and Kinect support!

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