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Archive for January 10th, 2011

Call of Duty with Kinect!

call of duty kinect Call of Duty with Kinect!

Call of Duty can actually be played with Kinect!

Playing hardcore games with Kinect…it has been the question on the mind of a lot of gamers. Now, thanks to Kinect working on Windows, and some genius hacking, we might have just gotten a glimps of how this might look, because… Call of Duty is actually playable with Kinect! Read on for more information.

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Microsoft: Kinect does not damage old Xbox

rrod Microsoft: Kinect does not damage old Xbox

According to Microsoft, this is not caused by Kinect

Recently, we reported that Kinect might cause damage to the old Xbox model. Microsoft responded to such claim and denied that there is a connection between Kinect and the failure of old Xbox hardware. However, no explanation was given as to why the old Xbox model could be damaged after Kinect has been used.

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