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Archive for January 13th, 2011

Max Payne played with Kinect

remedy Max Payne played with Kinect

Max Payne was hacked to be played with Kinect!

A while back we reported that Max Payne might be coming to Xbox Kinect. Now we can have a glimps of how this might work, as the same hacker that did the Call of Duty hack, now implemented Kinect support in Max Payne. Read on for details and a video!

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diabolical pitch Diabolical Pitch might be official name of Codename D

Diabolical Pitch might be the name of 'Codename D'

We’ve already seen the trailer from Grasshopper’s upcoming Xbox Kinect gameCodename D‘, and we had confirmation that is was going to be a hardcore game, but now we might know the official name of this highly anticipated game. It could very well that the game will be named Diabolical Pitch! Read on to find out more information.

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