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Archive for January 16th, 2011

Grease Game coming to Kinect in 2011

Grease Kinect Grease Game coming to Kinect in 2011

Grease is coming to Kinect this year!

Later this year, Grease will be released for Xbox 360′s Kinect! According to 505, Grease for Kinect will be very different compared to the game launched last year for Wii and DS, which was not what anyone really wanted:

[The Wii and DS version were] a mismatch with what the consumer wanted.

Well, what about the Kinect version?

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Cute Fantastic Pets Screenshots!

fantastic pets screenshots Cute Fantastic Pets Screenshots!

Besides the cutesy Kinectimals video game, the Kinect game family genre will be expanded with Fantastic Pets later this year. THQ’s previously announced title Fantastic Pets now got its first screenshots.

Checkout the Fantastic Pets Screenshots gallery after the break for a better idea of the in-game pet editor that comes with this game.

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