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Archive for January 21st, 2011

No Kinect support for Top Spin 4

top spin 4 no kinect No Kinect support for Top Spin 4

There is no Kinect logo on the Xbox box art icon sad No Kinect support for Top Spin 4

After some really good news that Virtua Tennis 4 is getting Kinect support, I now unfortunately have to bring you the sad news that Top Spin 4 is not getting any Kinect support. But it gets even worse than that! Read on for more information!

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street fighter kinect Kinect hack: Play Street Fighter with Kinect!

Street Fighter is playable with Kinect!

After Call of Duty and Max Payne it is now the honor of Street Fighter to be hacked and made playable with Kinect. Master hacker “demize2010″ did it again and used a combination of the wiimote and Kinect to make an existing game even more fun to play. Read on for more details and a video!

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