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Archive for February 3rd, 2011

ubisoft hardcore kinect Ubisoft hints at hardcore franchises for Kinect!

With all of the news this week concerning Kinect, we couldn’t leave out Ubisoft’s shocking hint! Ubisoft, the 3rd leading publisher for Kinect, thanks to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Fighters Uncaged and MotionSports, has hinted that they may be bringing more titles with Kinect functionality, possibly some of their hardcore franchises.  Don’t forget Ubisoft is also responsible for Michael Jackson: The Experience and Child of Eden as well!

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yoostar fawlty towers YooStar 2 will have Facebook, YouTube and British shows

YooStar 2 looks like a lot of fun, but this Kinect game keeps getting better as news unfolds. The BBC is in talks with the makers of Yoostar 2 about bringing clips of British shows, including the likes of Fawlty Towers and Eastenders to the Kinect game. There’s also talk of a (Facebook) app, meaning people can unlock exclusive content…

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