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Archive for February 23rd, 2011

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monsters First Trailer! kinect newsOnce upon a Monster with the famous Sesame Street characters for Xbox Kinect was already announced with a couple of colorful and child friendly screenshots, but no footage was shown before. Up until now! Things keep looking better as a wonderful trailer was just released for this Kinect game!
And… let’s face it, we all love Sesame Street!
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Brunswick Pro Bowling Released!

Brunswick Pro Bowling Released! kinect news

In an official announcement from Crave today, Brunswick Pro Bowling for Kinect has said to been shipped to retailers!  According to their facebook post it was shipped on the 16th of February and it’s supposed to be on shelves today, but we are unsure of which retailers. Gamestop does show it in stock and someone reviewed it already, so its possible it is available now.

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Relentless Software: Kinect is a stroke of genius kinect news

Blue Toad Murder Files. Could this be a new Kinect game?

Relentless Software, the developer of Buzz! for the PlayStation, considers Kinect “a stroke of genius” and would be interested in making a game for Kinect:

Of course I’d consider any game for Kinect. And the reason is because Kinect is amazing.

- Andrew Eades, Relentless co-founder and executive director

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