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Augmented reality: Kinect dressing room kinect news

Trying on new clothes could be done digitally too in the future

Getting sick of having to try on all these different outfits just to find the perfect one? Kinect has a way for you to do this faster, more efficient and in a more fun way! The Kinect dressing room is the answer to all your (fashion) problems! More info and video after the jump.

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Fantastic Pets Achievements

Fantastic Pets Achievements kinect newsShould you be looking for a follow-up of Kinectimals, then Fantastic Pets may be the one you want to keep an eye on. It is the only pet genre video game on the market that allows players to custom create, collect and interact with unlimited varieties of different animals including cats, dogs, lizards, & horses by using a wide array of cutting edge & user-friendly design menu options. Or so the advertisement text reads, the list of achievements may reveal a bit more on the activities hidden in this game. Luckily Developer BlitzGames has confirmed that it’s looking into a prerelease demo for Fantastic Pets, as well as postrelease content, including new activities and costumes for your pets.

Checkout the list of achievements of this cutesy pet Kinect game!

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Hack: Kinect as tv remote replacement

Hack: Kinect as tv remote replacement kinect news

Kinect can replace your tv remote!

For all the people that have a HTCP (home theater PC) or just a PC close to their tv this might be a very interesting Kinect hack. This hack allows you to control your tv (or any other device that uses an infrared remote) by using kinect-tv-remote-replacement.

This is actually a very useful hack and the technology behind it is pretty genius too. Want to know why? Then read on for some more info!

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