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Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do Official Trailer! kinect news

It’s just around the corner and the trailer is here for Carnival Games Monkey See Monkey Do.  I’m surprised Cotton Eyed Joe made the cut.  However, it is confirmed in this trailer, we will be dancing with Monkey Barker, whether or not we dance to real songs, we’ll find out soon enough!

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Yoostar 2: In the Movies just Released in US kinect news

The Movie Karaoke game Yoostar 2, that lets you insert yourself into famous movie and TV scenes, just released in the US! People from the UK/Europe are expected to have to wait another 3 days before they can play this karaoke game with their Kinect sensor! The game sure looks like a lot of fun, and the fact that you can share and create Youtube videos and share them with friends, only adds to that in our view. For a full fledged review, we’ll have to keep you waiting for a bit, but keep an eye on 123Kinect and don’t miss it!

For now, check out all the news we gathered on this game before making you definite choice on whether or not this game is worth an instant buy.

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More Core Kinect Games Coming, says Microsoft kinect news

As before, Microsoft reiterated its commitment to getting those that call themselves hardcore gamers aboard with the Kinect Sensor, by luring them in through saying that core Kinect games are coming! This time it was Kevin Unangst, the senior producer of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business who told CVG that the core games revealed so far are “just the beginning” of what’s in store.

Read on to learn more about what Unangst had to say.

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