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World Record: Kinect Sensor and Game Sales amount to 20 million! special

After the astonishing Kinect sales numbers Microsoft reported before, the Kinect sensor has been selling at quite a high pace even when not in the holiday season anymore. Two million can now be added to form a grand total of ten million Kinect Sensors sold worldwide. Well done Microsoft!

You’re probably thinking: “That’s gotta be some sort of record!”, well it turns out that you couldn’t be more right…

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A first Kinect Windows 7 app for retailers! kinect news

It seems that may become the first company to release a retail application that has been developed specifically for the Kinect sensor on Microsoft’s Windows 7. Their most recent news item states that the Kinect App can be executed on any kind of device that has Windows 7 support! Interestingly, the Kinect experience also works from behind a window allowing retailers to start making their windows interactive up-to-date panels with information for the shopping audience – even after closing time. Last but not least the application is said to support many users simultaneously.

Still with me? Checkout the video after the break!

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Hack: Hole in the Wall for Kinect

Hack: Hole in the Wall for Kinect kinect news

Hole in the Wall is totally playable with Kinect!

You might know the tv show ‘Hole in the Wall‘ (it had 2 seasons on Fox), where people have to take on poses to fit through a hole in a wall that moves towards them. Someone thought this would work great with Kinect and made a small (and simple) game around it. Check it out after the jump!

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