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Virtua Tennis 4 Achievements

Virtua Tennis 4 Achievements kinect news

Virtua Tennis 4, expected to be out in Europe in April and in USA in May, has released the list of achievements. If you are really excited about this game, this is an opportunity to check out what you have to do to get all the achievements. Here’s an example:

Rocket Server 10G
Hit a serve at 200km/h (124.3mph) or faster

You can also read all the news we have gathered on Virtua Tennis 4 right here. Go to full post to read the complete list of achievements.

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Move creator Richard Marks: Kinect is good! kinect news

Move creator is giving Kinect the thumbs up!

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Sony Move‘s creator, Dr. Richard Marks, gives his thoughts on Xbox Kinect. According to him:

I think it would be wrong if you thought that I didn’t think Kinect was good to have happened in our industry. That [technology] is my area too. I like to see all these new things occurring, and each of the companies should keep innovating in its own way and making things better.

To read the rest of what Marks had to say about Kinect go to full post.

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