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No Kinect support for Bioshock Infinite, but maybe something for future kinect news

No Kinect support for Bioshock...for now...

Yes, I know that some of our readers don’t like it when we report this kind of “no Kinect support” news (as was very evident here), but we still get all kinds of question about whether games will get Kinect support or not, so it does serve a purpose. The fact that Bioshock Infinite will not get Kinect support was now officially confirmed in an interview so I thought a small news item was in order. More info after the jump.

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PS3 Hacked to use Xbox 360′s Kinect?

PS3 Hacked to use Xbox 360s Kinect? kinect newsJust when you thought you saw it all, some modder comes along and proves us all wrong. Xbox 360′s Kinect has been put to use in combination with Xbox 360′s biggest rival, the other game console enabling HD graphics in your living room: the Playstation 3.

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