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Fantastic Pets Kinect Demo Hits The Xbox Marketplace kinect news

Fantastic Pets Demo

It’s pet-time! After earlier this week the Kinectimals demo released for Xbox Live Gold users, Fantastic Pets’ demo has just been released on Xbox Live! Fantastic Pets is the first Kinect game to include augmented reality, check after the jump for more info on this Kinect game, or simply download the demo (link provided after the jump).

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Microsoft sued by event planner over Kinect Launch kinect news

Remember Kinect’s launch in November in Times Square? It was a huge event with lots of performers, dancers, including the Billboard-ranked performer Ne-Yo. Months later, the event coordinator P.R.omotion! is suing Microsoft over Kinect Launch as they had to pay thousands of dollars in city fines to be allowed by the Police to continue with the event.

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Kudo Tsunoda on the role of marketing in Kinects development kinect news

At the MI6 Game Marketing Conference held on 7th April, Microsoft Game Studios creative director and general manager Kudo Tsunoda had a keynote on marketing’s critical role in the development of Kinect. According to him,

From the beginning, the design and marketing teams fused.[...] The marketing people and the designers did this amazing thing together.

Go to full post to see what more Kudo had to say about the collaboration between the two teams.

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