Capcom just released two new videos of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor to outline its various pre-order bonuses. You’ll receive exclusive content when ordering from either Amazon (check out the video above), GameStop or Best Buy. Carbon Assassin armory

Pre-order via to receive the Carbon Assassin armory, which includes:

  • Storm armor (increased shooting range)
  • Savannah armor (high speed bullet velocity)

BestBuy: Chrome Blitzer Armory

Pre-order via BestBuy to receive the Chrome Blitzer armory, which includes:

  • Impact armor (increased turning speed)
  • Tiger armor (devastating destructive power)

Gamestop: Iron Guardian Armory

Pre-order via Gamestop to receive the Iron Guardian armory, which includes:

  • Rock armor (reinforced defensive power)
  • Jaguar armor (accelerated travel speeds)

Wherever you will buy your game, the pre-order bonus is sure to give you some advantage on the battlefield, so if you are planning to get the game on day one anyway, better pre-order it!