Avatar Kinect is a fun way to do group meeting and to casually interact with friends. The fact that you can actually use body language to convey your message makes for a far more interesting way to communicate. However at the moment it is more than a gimmicky way of doing so and things could be drastically improved. A new research paper by Microsoft might hint at possible plans to greatly improve the way Avatar Kinect works!

Accurate 3D facial expressions

The paper by Microsoft explain how they created a technology to accurately create a 3D face with a minimal number of face scans needed. Because this technology is both fast and efficient Microsoft could quickly generate accurate 3D representations of a whole bunch of different kind of facial types and with that let Xbox player create an avatar with a much more detailed face!

Combining the detailed avatars with the power of Kinect and an application such as Avatar Kinect could provide for a video conferencing solution in which you can extremely accurately see the body language of the person speaking, resulting in much improved communication!

Of course there is nothing clear about this project yet and it is still the question if Microsoft even intends this research to amplify their Avatars and Kinect application. Still, it would be so cool if they did!

Source: Geekwire
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