The Transformers games are pretty cool: High Moon Studios is doing a great job at transforming the classic Transformers feeling into an extremely fast paced action game. The latest game “Transformers Fall of Cybertron” doesn’t have Kinect support, but I personally think that a game like that could benefit from it greatly and that it could offer some interesting gameplay. As an interview turns out: High Moon Studios thinks this too!

Transformers Kinect

Gameing website GodisaGeek had a bit of a talk with High Moon Studio’s Game Director Matt Tieger. They asked him a question what he thinks about new technologies in gaming, and Tieger actually brought up Kinect! This is what he said:

With all the new ways of interacting, with Kinect for example, it is an interesting time for games. Throughout gaming history it was pretty much a one standard way of interacting, and it predominantly still is, but all that stuff is very interesting to me. The core point about a game, and specifically a Transformers game, is how you are interacting with it. If that innately makes sense and it’s very intuitive, it works. If there is some mechanic for working with Transformers, I know there is a real thirst to physically transform, and I can do that in a digital world in an interesting way, great. But what’s the right mechanic for that? It really takes a lot of brain power to figure out the right system if you are going to do some kind of intriguing, new way to interact with Transformers. It bears a lot of thought but there is some real interesting potential there.

So Kinect is very interesting to the man, and maybe he will take that interest and turn it into a Transformers game that is innovative and ground breaking. I’ll leave it up to Matt Tieger to figure out the perfect way of Kinect integration into a Transformers game, but if it ever gets made I’m sure it’ll work out great.

Do you guys have any ideas on how a Transformers game should work with Kinect? Let us know in the comments!

Source: godisageek
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