miCoach (pronounced “my coach”) is a new fitness title being developed by Lightning Fish for Adidas and THQ on Xbox Kinect. On their blog, they share some info and screenshots with us! The game is more so about training then only about fitness, it aims to trains you to be faster, stronger and better for your sport. For instance be quicker to the ball in football or jump higher in basketball.

Sports included

miCoach will allow the player to train alongside their sporting hero. It features six main categories:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Training.

Training is more or less the fitness mode of this game, while the other categories are really about improving your skill with those sports. Besides the Kinect game that helps you improve in the living room, miCoach is a complete training system that is supported by the miCoach world with a web site, Adidas hardware and mobile apps.

Why miCoach?

What about the game does Lighting Games think will make it a success?

  1. The real athletes. They are not avatars and you can really relate to your sporting hero.
  2. The game puts the player alongside the athlete. Each star is your coach and your training buddy.
  3. When you do well. You get rewarded with masterclasses from the stars. Top tips on their sport.

Seems interesting, especially for those that want to be learning from the best.  Unfortunately, Lightning Fish did not yet disclose the stars that will be giving miCoach buyers advice, nor is it clear at this point how the game will work together with the mobile apps, the Adidas hardware and the website, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on 123KINECT!

First screenshots of this ‘game’ below.

Source: LightningFish