Just as we thought Kinect could not get any better, we want to believe we need to, again, reshift our expectations. One of the best RTS franchises from the past (Age of Empires) has recently gone Beta on the PC, and by the looks of it, it may be better with Kinect Sensor‘.

Age of Empires Kinect?

Before continuing you should know that listing a game on Xbox.com that is being played via Windows is not a big surprise, especially not as a game like Age of Empires Online uses Games for Windows Live, which is comparable to Xbox Live, in that games support achievements and such. The only difference is that these games are played on a PC that has Windows on it, instead of on an Xbox 360. The surprise is in the following, namely that the box of the game with the user below is an Xbox 360 one and has the purple stripe ‘better with Kinect Sensor’ on it.

Rumor: Age of Empires Online: Better with Kinect Sensor?! special

Should this be true, then Microsoft has probably more surprises up their sleeves than we can handle at this time Rumor: Age of Empires Online: Better with Kinect Sensor?! special . Also, it could be the first cross-platform implementation of a Kinect game if it launches for both Xbox 360 and Windows PCs (besides the demo shown where WP7 and Xbox Kinect interact), or just the first great game for Windows Kinect.

It could however be a simple mistake by someone putting this game into the games system that Microsoft uses to keep track of achievements.

We don’t know yet whether or not this is valid, but be sure to keep an eye on our website as we supply the updates. What are your thoughts on this. Is the listing as ‘better with Kinect’ just a human error or something huge to be announced soon by Microsoft?

Age of Empires Online Trailer

For completeness sake, here’s the trailer…

Source: Xbox.com