Independent Kinect developer Virtual Air Guitar Company have revealed more information about their musical shoot-em-up Air Guitar Warrior‘s gameplay and music, including a new gameplay video which you can watch above and a medley of 9 of the 19 tracks from the game which you can listen to below the following press release that gives further details about the game’s controls:


Air Guitar Warrior gameplay and music details in new videos

Helsinki, Finland, March 20th: Virtual Air Guitar Company has released new material and details for Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect, part music game and part scrolling shooter.

In addition to rocking out and shooting bad guys while riding a dinosaur, viking ship or flaming meteor, players will be able to control the music itself.

The guitar fires when the player strums with the right hand, with different fire modes depending on the speed of strumming. Moving the left hand along the guitar neck changes between rhythm and lead guitar. Advancing in the game unlocks bend power, where the player can bend backwards to unleash destructive rapid fire.

The lead guitar in the soundtrack responds to each of these 5 fire modes. The creators of the soundtrack, Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala, recorded multiple variations of the lead guitar for every track.

“You’re not just playing along, you’re in control of the music as much as you’re in control of the game,” says Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company. “You’re doing two things at the same time, but the goal is the same: to be awesome.”


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About Virtual Air Guitar Company

Virtual Air Guitar Company is a Finnish indie studio specializing in motion games. Established in 2006, the company has developed 12 games on platforms including PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows, created the patented FreeMotion technology, and provided motion control content and expertise worked to technology partners such as Intel. Since 2014, the company has released 6 games in the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme.



About Mika Tyyskä

Mika Tyyskä, better known by his stage name Mr.Fastfinger, is a Finnish virtuoso guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist who encompasses several genres of music.


About Samppa Siurala

Samppa Siurala is a versatile composer, guitarist, singer and sound designer. His work ranges all the way from heavy metal and classic rock to electronic music and lighter pop ballads.



Sountrack Medley


Left-Handed Mode

The developer also revealed good news for left-handed players concerned about the controls, a left-handed mode which you see a screenshot of below:

CORRECTION: The below screenshot is actually from the RIGHT-HANDED mode and all the previous screenshots and videos show the left-handed mode. It makes sense when you play it, or if you look at it carefully and think about it.

AirGuitarWarrior left handed 624x351(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


Air Guitar Warrior is due to be released on March 29th exclusively for Kinect 2 for Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme priced at £14.99 (UK) / €18.99 (EU) / $19.99 (US).

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Source: Virtual Air Guitar Company's YouTube Channel, Air Guitar Warrior's Twitter