There are some very interesting rumors around Remedy floating around the interwebs! More specifically that there are a couple of highly promising indications that they might be working on a sequel to Alan Wake! What indications are there? Well VG24/7 reports that the game was actually mentioned on a LinkedIn profile (now unfortunately removed). If this girl was not joking around (and she probably wasn’t) then this is pretty good proof that Alan Wake 2 is indeed in development (and might get a juicy E3 announcement). Other than that VG24/7 also reports that Alan Wake 2′s story was already mapped out. All good reason to believe that Alan Wake 2 is very much real!

Alan Wake 2: Better With Kinect

When we here at read about the news that Alan Wake 2 is probably a fact we immediately had to think back on an article we wrote quite a while back. It considered a job listing by Remedy in which they were looking for a programmer with motion-control technology experience to work on an Alan Wake engine powered game.

So we have two facts:

  1. Alan Wake 2 is most probably coming
  2. Remedy was looking for a programmer to work on Alan Wake engine game that would involve motion-control technology

It doesn’t take much computation power to deduct that Alan Wake 2 will probably be compatible with Kinect, and since Kinect rocks, should be labeled as “Better with Kinect“!

How cool would Alan Wake with Kinect be?

Think about it: control your weapon with your right hand while you control your flashlight with your left hand. Movement is done with the special yet to be announced Kinect gamepad and the game with its signature atmosphere and superb lighting and sound will suck you in to unimaginable depth! Sounds like a game you would buy? I definitely would!

So what do you think? Is Alan Wake 2 going to be “Better with Kinect”? And how will it play? Let me know in the comments!