Alces Technology, Inc. have created a Windows 7 control application for Kinect called Universal Gesture Mouse. Here’s a brief description from Alces Technology’s lead developer Matthew Leone:

My name is Matthew Leone and I’m a lead developer at Alces Technology, Inc. Today we’re releasing a piece of software for the Kinect for Windows sensor called the Universal Gesture Mouse. It’s a unique way to control your Windows 7 PC without a traditional mouse. We made a video showcasing its potential and put up a website where it’s free to download. I think it turned out pretty well!

While the idea certainly isn’t new, many people have seen similar functionality on the XBOX 360 and there have been several “hacks” which show how to get started, I feel Alces’ version is one of the first to be available as a standalone package. It’s free to try, easy to setup, works with tons of Windows 7 software, and it seems like it might be a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore Gesture and Natural User Interfaces (NUI). We’re looking to spread the word and get feedback. Hope you enjoy!

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Source: Alces Technology, Inc.
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Matthew Leone for submitting this news!