How do you give calories a personality? That was the tricky question we posed to the Rare art team, tasking them with the creation of six new mascots for the recently released Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge add-on pack.

– Ben Talbot, Rare

By the looks of some of the pictures that Rare shares in their latest blog post, creating a game character, or a Calorie Rival for that matter, is all about trial-and-error. Trial-and-error not just in designing the lively calorie characters, but also in naming them and choosing one over the other, or as Rare’s Ben puts it:

Steady Celery almost never existed at all, Turbo Tomato was originally pencilled in as the first Calorie Rival…

Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’m glad Steady Celery made the cut! Checkout Rare’s blog for more details.

Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge?

Should you not know what all of this is about, it’s about the first three characters of the Calorie Challenge DLC pack for Kinect Sports, by Rare. With the downloadable content you’ll be playing as Steady Celery, Blazing Banana, Mighty Milk, Super Soda, Peppy Pizza and Chunky Chocolate the Calore Sports pack of Rare is all about burning calories and staying on track as the video below shows:

So, besides sharing your creative inspiration friendly blokes at Rare, when will you start sharing some info around the sequel to Kinect Sports? Get Kinect Sports the original right here, we can recommend a purchase!