With the upcoming Kinect for Windows sensor Microsoft is opening the door for everyone to create innovative and amazing application that make use of the Kinect sensor. If you buy the Kinect for Windows sensor you even get a commercial license so you can even sell your applications!

Still, there might be a slight problem with making these Kinect applications…you need to know how to program. Well, if you don’t know this yet, then this introduction programming for Kinect tutorial might help!

Programming for Kinect

The above video will give you a quick introduction lesson to working with Visual Studio, C# and the specific classes you need to know to work with the Kinect sensor. The stuff you learn to make here is not anything amazing, but it is the kind of basics you need to know to get into anything advanced.

So if you are into programming for Kinect or want to get into it, then this might be the start that you need. Enjoy!