Michael PachterAs Microsoft has not yet announced any price for Kinect, people are trying to get in on the estimates and see what would be a great price. One of those is Pachter, a well-known Wedbush Morgan Analyst that is specialized in the gaming industry. According to him $99 would give Microsoft a great start to reach their goals, or in his words: “I think $99 is a magic point and gamers aren’t going over that. I think $99 is the right price for this and it’ll accomplish Microsoft’s goal. If they can’t make very many it’s going to be $149 because they want to maximise profits and they’ll drop when they have supply.”

But according to a different source, Kinect costs $150 to produce alone. “In pure console peripheral terms, $150 costs are expensive but the question is how much Microsoft is wiling to cut to raise market share,” he said. – Develop Online

Do you think Microsoft will start at $99 or is more likely to sell Kinect at $149? Are you willing to pay more than $99 for Kinect?

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