Analysts on Kinect vs. Move kinect news

Four analysts over at have been debating about Kinect and Move. This resulted in a long argument of which I will provide you with a nice summary of the highlights.

Kinect vs. Move

So what did the analysts think when comparing Move with Kinects? Here are some thoughts:

On Move and Kinect, I would say that Kinect may have an edge given the lack of a physical controller, but Move has a broader game lineup out of the gate.

In other words: hardware-wise Kinect wins over Move, just that Move will have more games in the near future. Kinect definately has an advantage in this statement because the game lineup is something that can be fixed easily, the hardware itself can’t be changed anymore. Kinect wins here.

I expect more than half of Kinect units sold to be bundled with hardware, as it costs $150 to buy alone and only $300 if bundled with the Arcade, so some people may buy a second Xbox 360.

Kinect bundle

Another interesting statement, and seemingly a great move by Microsoft to bring out the new Xbox + Kinect bundle.

Again, it comes back to the same point for me – it is all about the software. I’m not entirely convinced yet that I’ve seen much real killer software for either Kinect or Move at this point – Sports Champions is great, Dance Central will be big – but I’m not seeing anything yet that will push hardware the way Wii Sports or Wii Fit managed to. I think both Move and Kinect will see initial success due to marketing and people wanting to try a new product, but long-term success will depend on major hardware-driving software.

So it all comes down to software, hardware-driven software, and who had the edge when it comes to hardware…right Kinect! Kinect will allow for more innovative software and will therefore probably be the long-term winner.

For the full debate go here, and be sure to let us know on the forums what your take is on all this! If you like Kinect, then rest assured, no queues here.