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How does Avatar Kinect know my facial expressions?

Avatar Kinect was revealed by Microsoft at CES 2011. After grabbing awards here and there, it’s now time to look into the technology behind Microsoft’s next generation chat room supported by the Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Kinect! Not sure what Avatar Kinect is? Then check this post.

First, the video below shows that Kinect follows the head and multiple points on a person’s face to interpret their expressions and movement. Then a so-called wire frame is constructed and the facial expressions are translated to the avatar on screen.  Check out the brief tech demo below to get a better impression of how this works.

Xbox Avatar Kinect’s Technology

Want more ideas on the potential of this technology and the software associated with it? Then, check the videos below for a better idea on other initiatives around Facial Recognition.

Xbox Avatar’s Facial Recognition Potential

By the way, did you guys and gals know that in Kinect Adventures’ menu your avatar already sees and translates your facial expressions? Check it out! Avatar Kinect’s launch for Xbox Live Gold members is expected this Spring.

Thanks, Kotaku