Marvel and Ubisoft have Avengers: Battle For Earth for Kinect on show and playable at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International. In an interview with GamerLive.TV the game’s Art Director Dan Vargas mentions that although it’s based on The Secret Invasion story from the comics, rather than the Avengers’ movie, there will be some unlockable and DLC “surprises” directly connected to the movie. He won’t say exactly what it is but says that Ubisoft will be announcing more in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the video interview:

In another video interview, this time with GameSpot (plus I’ve added their videos of the 1 & 2-player demos), Dan Vargas says that not just the story but also the graphical style of the game is based on The Secret Invasion and also confirms multiplayer saying that there will be local co-op and versus as well as online multiplayer. The co-op multiplayer is tag-team, the player standing on the left is the 1st player and they have to raise their left arm above their head to swap-out to the 2nd player.

Something else to note about these GameSpot videos is that their Comic-Con lanyards with laminated badges, which you can see swinging about in the few shots where GamePot shows you the players in the first video, are clearly affecting Kinect as you can see if you look at the little “what Kinect sees” window at the top, the players shouldn’t have big holes in their images and the holes mostly correspond with the areas where the lanyards are. There could also be a camera light and/or direct sunlight reflecting off the laminated badges, since GameSpot’s Kinect is set up outside, as the holes seem too big to be just purely the lanyards.

They should take lanyards off while playing Kinect games, regardless of whether there’s any strong light that might reflect off them, because just the lanyards themselves can interfere with the tracking. Also in single-player the player was obviously standing too far to the right of Kinect as the game kept telling him to move left, which he seemed to ignore:


Whereas in the GamerLive.TV video the players aren’t wearing lanyards and they’re inside a booth with no windows to the outside so there’s no sunlight either diretly shining at Kinect or reflecting off anything and the players’ images don’t have any holes in them:

Source: GamerLive.TV, GameSpot