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The BAFTA Games nominations have been revealed and yes, there are Kinect games in there as well! Kinect games have been nominated in 3 out of 16 categories: Family, Technical Innovation and Game Award of 2010. Can you guess which Kinect game was nominated in which category?

Kinect games nominated for BAFTA Games Awards

A total of 4 Kinect games are in the final list for GAME British Academy Video Games Awards.

In the Family category, 4 our of the 6 nominated games are Kinect games: Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Kinectimals. For Technical Innovation, Kinectimals has been nominated and it’s competing with games like Halo:Reach and Call of duty: Black Ops. The third and last category is Game Award of 2010 for which Dance Central has been nominated!

The category “Game Award of 2010″ is the only one in which the public can vote for a game. So, if you feel like Dance Central deserves to win this award, then make sure to vote for it here. Plus, if you vote you can be the winner of the Home Entertainment System prize.

The GAME British Academy Video Games Awards will take place Wednesday, 16th March in London.

Source: mcvuk

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