About a month after Kinect’s launch in the US, the first month of Kinect has come to an end – a perfect time to see how well Kinect Games are doing! 123Kinect redirected a bunch of Kinect enthusiasts to their local Kinect Stores, and we wanted to share some of the results with you: a top 10 of Kinect titles sold - this will show you which Kinect Games are most valued among our community of Kinect enthusiasts and may show you some of the games that slipped your grocery list!

Earlier we confronted you with the first week’s top 10, find the top 10 Best Selling Kinect Games of November 2010 below.

Top 10 Best Selling Kinect Games

This includes all the Kinect Games since Kinect launched in the US! We did not include Kinect Adventures as this Kinect game comes with the Kinect Sensor, and that’s unfair competition, now then isn’t it? We hope you agree with our policy; the list of Best Kinect Games of November 2010:

NOV 2010 OldPOS Kinect Game
1 (1) Kinect Sports
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2 (3) Dance Central
[We order here] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review*] [achievements]
* has more than one user review
3 (4) Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
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4 (5) Kinectimals
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5 (2) Kinect Joyride
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6 (7) Sonic Free Riders
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7 (9) Motion Sports
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8 (6) EA Sports Active 2.0
[We order here] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]
9 (-) Deca Sports Freedom
[We order here] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]
10 (-) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1
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For the second time in a row, Kinect Sports is leading the boards and well deserved! Interesting to see is that the games in the top 5 is the same as a week after the launch, only the priorities shifted a bit. Furthermore, two are entering the top 10: Deca Sports Freedom and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Fighters Uncaged and The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout are out.

If you already own Kinect Sports, then be sure to compete in the leaderboards on our forum!

What do you think of these results? Missing your favorite game or do you feel this reflects how you would put together a top 10 of Kinect Games?