Kinect is still a bit of a niche, and therefore you won’t see Kinect-only games all that often in game charts. So the following comes as a massive surprise: A Kinect-only game has made it all the way to #1 on the UK gaming charts. And not just any chart, no, this game dominates the all-formats chart! That game is of course…Kinect Star Wars!

Kinect Star Wars #1

Wait what? Kinect Star Wars? Didn’t that game get extremely poor ratings from major gaming websites? Well yes, Kinect Star Wars did do pretty poorly when it comes to game critics, but it seems that the game has still appealed to a massive market. This does make sense, because the game is really not that bad. I played the whole thing and wrote a super in-depth review on it, and I found the game is well worth the buy!

Anyway, I can totally recommend Kinect Star Wars to any of you guys, if not only for the awesome pod racing! Get the game here and try it out yourself!