The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Kinect Demo is now available on Xbox Live for Xbox Live Gold subscribers! The full version features a Body Analyzer to track your progress throughout your workout program to see the real results and the cool ability to record and track your weekly progress just like the contestants in the show with your very own Video Diary!

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Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout

From TheZeeman’s review of the full game:

From my overall feel of the game, I apologize if anyone is offended, but a lot of the exercises are geared more towards overweight people. There are excercises involved that are very basic such as maintaining your balance, where it would be simple for fit people, but quite difficult if you are heavier. I feel this game would be awesome for those that want to be on the show, it starts you out very slow and basic, so you won’t be killing yourself trying to keep up with these other types of fitness games.

Do you agree with his view after checking out the Biggest Loser demo on Xbox Live? Should you want to buy this game, then grab extra info on pricing and availability right here! Thanks for the support!

Thanks fo the tip TheZeeman on our Kinect Forum