The release of Blackwater in North America is close! That means, of course, that we’re getting the last bits of info on this game, including the complete list of achievements. So, prepare for the big event by reading the achievements list. You can get as little as 5 points as much as 60 points per achievement, so you’re gonna have to work hard to get them all!


There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Welcome to Harri 5G
Complete Mission 1

Alamo Compound 5G
Complete Mission 2

The Bridge 5G
Complete Mission 3

The Exiled Leader 5G
Complete Mission 4

Rescue Dila 10G
Complete Mission 5

The Long Way Back 20G
Complete Mission 6

Over Easy 20G
Complete all missions on Easy

Just Normal 40G
Complete all missions on Normal

Nothing’s Too Hard 60G
Complete all missions on Hard

Tight-Aim 10G
Get 50 headshots

Sir, You Forgot Your Hat 20G
Get 200 headshots

Here, Hold This… 10G
Get 50 grenade kills

Grenade! 20G
Get 200 grenade kills

Hat-Trick 5G
Kill 3 enemies with one grenade

No Mercenaries 10G
Kill 5 Foreign Fighters

Best in Town 60G
Kill all 6 Foreign Fighters on each difficulty

Cut the Chatter 10G
Find 5 Death Radios

Off the Air 20G
Find all Death Radios

Figure It Out 10G
Find 5 Limbano Lions

Lion’s Den 20G
Find all Limbano Lions

Propaganda 10G
Find 5 Graffiti

Stop This Madness 20G
Find all Graffiti

Bravo! 20G
Get over 100% accuracy in a combat arena

Plan B 5G
Get 5 kills with the pistol

Quick Draw 20G
Get 200 kills with the pistol

Going Pro 10G
Get Pro time in a combat arena

Elite Club 5G
Get Veteran time in a combat arena

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Shotgun! 20G
Kill 6 enemies with the shotgun without reloading

What Time? Can’t Tell. 40G
Get at least 7,000 points in a combat arena

No Score in Sight 5G
Get less than 2,000 points in a combat arena

Foot First 5G
Complete 100 kick quick-time events

Jumping Jack 5G
Complete 100 jump quick-time events

Don’t Cross This Line 10G
Kill 25 melee attackers before they strike

Recon Recruit 10G
Discover all paths in a combat arena

Recon Expert 20G
Discover 50% of the paths in all combat arenas

Recon Master 60G
Discover ALL of the paths in the game

Brought to You By… 5G
Watch the credits from begining to end

Nothing Thrown 5G
Complete a combat arena without using grenades

The Red Barrel 5G
Blow up 50 red barrels

Recruit 5G
Complete the training map

Party Time 5G
Complete a competition map with 8 players

After Party 5G
Complete all competition maps with 8 players

Blackwater Operator 60G
Reach experience level 56

The Right Person 60G
Fully upgrade Baird

Spray and Pray 40G
Fully upgrade Devon

Riding Shotgun 60G
Fully upgrade Smash

Overwatch 60G
Fully upgrade Eddi

Tired Yet? 60G
Complete 1,000 quick-time events

Source: Xbox360achievements